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Our Goals

Article 4 of NAZAHA's establishment law identifies its goals as the following:

  1. To establish the principle of transparency and integrity in the economic and administrative transactions to ensure the realization of good governance of funds, resources and the State property and their optimal use.
  2. To implement the United Nations Convention against Corruption approved by Law No. (47) for the year 2006 and any anti-corruption international conventions and treaties to be approved.
  3. To work on the fight against corruption, prevent its risks and effects, prosecute its perpetrators, confiscate and recover funds and proceeds resulted from the practice thereof in accordance with the law. 
  4. To protect State bodies from bribery, trading in influence and abuse of power for personal benefits and prevent mediation and nepotism. 
  5. To protect whistleblowers.
  6. To promote the principle of cooperation and participation with States and regional/international organizations in the fields of anti-corruption.
  7. To encourage and activate the role of civil society institutions and organizations in the fight against corruption, educate society members of its risks and expand awareness regarding prevention means and methods.