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The officials required to submit

1.      The Prime Minister, deputy prime ministers, the ministers and whosoever holds an executive position at the ministerial rank.

2.      The speaker, deputy speaker and members of the National Assembly.  

3.      The president and members of the Supreme Judicial Council, president and justices of the Constitutional Court and the Technical Department of the court, judges, members of the Public Prosecution, the president and members of the Fatwa and Legislation Department, the director general and members of the General Administration of Investigations of the Interior Ministry, the Legal Department of Kuwait Municipality, arbitrators, experts of the Ministry of Justice, liquidators, legal receivers, agents of creditors, notaries and the registrar at the Departments of Real Estate Registration & Authentication of the Ministry of Justice  .

4.      The Chairman and vice-chairman and members of the Municipal Council.

5.      The chairman and members of boards, authorities and committees which undertake executive functions, whose creation and appointment of their members are done pursuant to a law, decree or a resolution of the Council of Ministers.

6.      The chairman of the Financial Controllers Department, his deputy and heads of sectors and financial controllers.

7.      The Leaders:


    • Holders of the group of leadership positions in the salary general schedule (the highest grade/undersecretary/assistant undersecretary).
    • Members of boards of directors and general managers and their deputies or assistants and secretaries-general and their deputies or assistants in the public bodies or institutions or any government agency.
    • Whosoever has equivalent status of a leader, such as heads of departments or administrative units and their deputies or members seconded to public bodies and institutions.
    • Directors of departments and the likes, such as heads of organizational units with accredited structures at the level of a department or higher.
    • The provision of the two preceding paragraphs apply to military, diplomats and civilians in government ministries and departments, public bodies and institutions and the relevant  agencies with attached or independent budget whenever they undertake  responsibilities or enjoy the privileges prescribed for the position, whether they hold the position regularly or temporarily.


The Authority shall, in coordination with the concerned agencies, on a regular basis, identify and update the holders of these positions under the provisions of this law.


8.      The President, vice - president, members of the Board of Trustees, the secretary general, assistants secretary general, directors, and the technical staff of NAZAHA.

9.      The president, vice president, deputies, directors and the technical staff of the Audit Bureau.

10.  Representatives of the State in the membership of the boards of directors of companies in which the state or one of the government agencies, public bodies or institutions or other public legal entities, directly contribute not less than 25% of their capital.

11.  The members of the boards of directors of cooperative societies and sports authorities.