The State of Kuwait has always been keen to implement all necessary measures to eliminate corruption and its devastating effects on the social, economic, and political aspects of life. This was reflected in the establishment of Kuwait Anticorruption Authority (Nazaha), which was provided with the required authorities to fulfill its goals.
      Over the years, Nazaha has spared no effort in establishing itself, raising awareness on its goals and mandate, and building its administrative and technical capabilities. However, it is still believed that Nazaha can do more in enhancing integrity and transparency in society.

      My colleagues and I were honored and proud to earn the trust of H.H. the Amir— may Allah preserve and protect him— who appointed us as the new Board of Trustees of Nazaha. We will continue the journey, praying to Allah Almighty to grant us with success in reaching new horizons and fulfilling the ambitions of the people.

      Nazaha believes that combatting corruption is a mutual responsibility between the state and people. Therefore, Nazaha’s website was launched as an interactive platform to publish the latest news and showcase Nazaha’s vision in preventing corruption and enhancing integrity and transparency. The website will enable the people to interact with Nazaha and exchange views to identify the best practices in combating corruption, with an aim to create the proper environment for sustainable development that is aspired by both the State and people.