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Let’s eliminate corruption

Even with efficient laws, measures and mechanisms, and granting NAZAHA the necessary powers, eliminating corruption will not succeed until the efforts of the government, institutions and people unite.

NAZAHA believes that the role of individuals is the most essential and active role in combating corruption. They are the ones who deal directly with governmental bodies and their services. Individuals are capable of exposing and reporting corruption therein.

This is an important issue. Article 4 of NAZAHA's establishment law states that one of its goals is to "encourage and activate the role of the institutions and organizations of the civil society in the fight against corruption and educate members of the society of its risks and expand the awareness of means and methods of prevention."

NAZAHA is ready to cooperate with the public and civil society organizations by all means necessary to reach the noble goal of eliminating corruption, safeguarding public funds, and prosecuting perpetrators.