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The effects of corruption

The entire world firmly believes that corruption, regardless of its form, is the biggest obstacle to progress. It is more devastating than any other defect. Its vandalizing effect extends to the economic, social, and political aspects of life.

On the economic level, corruption leads to:

  1. Hindering the development of economy, which affects the short and long-term goals of development plans.

  2. Wasting of the State's resources, which prevents their optimal use.

  3. Shutting out local and foreign investment due to the lack of incentives.

  4. Impairing the just distribution of resources, weakening the economy, and increasing the gap between the rich and poor.

  5. Weakening the State's income due to customs smuggling and tax/fees evasion by means of fraud and manipulation.

  6. Misusing public expenditure in large projects, which prevents key sectors (such as health, education, and public services) from benefiting from these resources.

  7. Hindering good public investment and weakening the infrastructure due to bribes paid for substandard specifications.

On the political level, corruption leads to:

  1. Undermining the government's role in implementing the State's public policy and development plans.

  2. Spreading mistrust in the rule of law and State's institutions.

  3. Weakening democratic reform which damages political stability.

  4. Depriving the right people from holding high positions, which increases hatred and affects cooperation with State's institutions.

  5. Undermining the monitoring of public and private sectors' activities.

On the social level, corruption leads to:

  1. The collapse of social structure and the spread of hatred among society's classes due to injustice and inequality.

  2. Undermining national security and the social ladder, directly or indirectly, due to corruption's economic and political repercussions.